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Our Land Use and Recreation Plans

Commonly known as Smart Growth, the Town of Cloverland has developed a Land Use Plan that will be used to guide land use decisions in the future. While in the past, our Town was developed without this valuable document, the Town Board realized there may be conflicting land uses within the boundaries. To minimize these conflicts, a group of volunteers developed the first Plan in 2000. The Plan Commission is required toroadway photo review this document every 5 years and in 2010, we undertook a major revision that included currently used land use classifications instead of the ones from the previous plan that had no zoning counterparts.


You can download individual chapters of the official Land Use Book or you can download the entire book at one time. Select the text link below to download the document you need.


Complete Land Use Plan Book

(This file is more than 4MB and may take a long time to download on slower connections.

Coming soon is the availability of the individual chapters from the book above.


Our recreation plan is also available and is just one page so file size will not be a problem for this one.

Recreation Plan