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Planning the Future of Cloverland


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Authorized and appointed by the Cloverland Town Board, the Plan Commission is made up of interested volunteers who are dedicated to managing the Town of Cloverland Land Use Plan in accordance with state laws and the wishes of the residents of the Town.


The Cloverland Town Board also gives the Plan Commission additional work to do such as ordinance review and construction from time to time. Once we have completed our initial work on these items, we report our findings directly to the Town Board and offer our suggestions for changes if necessary based upon our research. We then take directives from the Town Board concerning the action we are requested to take including holding public hearings.


Check out the rest of the site, visit our meetings page for our minutes and agendas, and the Town's Land Use Plan is located here as well. We also have pictures here of the former Town Hall which was the Perch Lake School for many years. Thanks again for visiting and if you have any town hall signquestions or comments, be sure to contact us here.


We have obtained a link to a video of Cloverland Photos from the photographer. You can watch this short video here.